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General information

There are many things involved in the purchase of a horse and below you will find a number of topics of interest in the purchase of a horse. We can also send you more specific information regarding your needs and requirements. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.


Horses we offer for sale have all passed the standars clinical test. Buyers may, at their own expense, request their own test; it must be performed bij an approved Dutch veterinarian in the Netherlands. If the horse fails those tests, the costs will be paid by friesiansonline. X-rays are also a buyer expense option.

Many countries have different requirements regarding the import of horses. These may include blood tests and health certificates. Friesiansonline will provide all necessary documents at cost.

After all required approval the horse will be transported to the new owner, either by truck of by plane, buyers expense. Flying is not dangerous or stressful for the horses, however if requested one of our staff can accompany the horse during transport caring for the horse during the flight. We sell our horses all over the world.

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